Hello hello! Time for something a little personal:

Where I’m from 🏙

I grew up in many different places: born Malaysian, lived in the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. Now, I’m based in KL. After getting experience as Head of Marketing at a Japanese FinTech company (Malaysian Branch), I now focus on my own personal projects.

Go here for my projects! 🚀

What I like 😊

Outside of that, I’m a dancer, guitarist, and I speak multiple languages. I think in English and Japanese, and I am a sucker for a good steak.

In other times, I do creative work, such as fiction and narration.

What do I like:

  • Eustress — aka. beneficial stress. It’s the stress you gain from being with like-minded, energetic people who inspire and empower you.
  • Building new businesses and implementing creativity in them.
  • Startup space — from blockchain to business automation, from new business models to connect with entrepreneurs, it’s fun and exciting to always be on the forefront.
  • Creative Arts — anything that requires imagination.
  • Acting and Film — I have a small dream to be an actor. I love the stage!
  • Public speaking, performing — pretty much anything on stage!
  • Podcasts!
  • Teaching and coaching others!
  • Adventures in all forms (eg. Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Explorer’s sketchbooks, Uncharted!)

What don’t I like 😒

  • Raisins (blergh)
  • Blue beetles (in a nutshell: some sort of allergic reaction to them)

That’s enough about me for now.

If you want to understand me more, I wrote my Vivid Vision: it tells you who I will be in the next few years! VIVID VISION

If you want to see what I’ve written, click here!

Or if you’d like to get right into business/collabs, click here: WORK WITH ME