Hey there! This is the Now page: a place for me to write the latest updates on what’s been going on recently. Inspired by Derek Sivers!

I thought it would be great to have a record/timeline of things that have been going on concerning my projects. For your interest as well, I decided to make it public. So, here we go!

September 2019

Woo! It’s been a while sice I’ve updated this page. These are the things I’m doing now!

  • I am the Editor-in-Chief of Podlovers Asia, an independent media site and show to report on the Asian podcasting scene!
  • Podcast Ambassador and In-house Consultant for Renegade Radio, a Malaysian podcast network. Since I’m the dude that dives deep into the craft the most here, I consult people in the network. In the meantime, I talk about how great the team is and lead budding podcasters to RR!
  • I volunteered to be the Marketing Lead for MeaVox Live’s Asia Podcast Summit and Asia Podcast Awards! They’re awesome at getting all the podcasts together from across Asia 😊
  • I’m part of the first cohort in the SuperLearners Certified Coaching Program, so I can become a Memory and Superlearning Coach! It’s not podcast-related, but just as important! 🔥

Personal stuff includes:

  • Re-starting Tempered Fables, my short story fiction podcast
  • Launching a new show in the works
  • Still in progress for that novel idea I have!

Otherwise, things have been great. I’m still based in KL as usual, but my network is slowly expanding beyond its borders.

All is well, and I’m doing just fine. 🙂