Hey there! This is the Now page: a place for me to write the latest updates on what’s been going on recently.

I thought it would be great to have a record/timeline of things that have been going on concerning my projects. For your interest as well, I decided to make it public. So, here we go!

December 2018

There’s been a huge silence since I last updated this website, and I apologise for it. Things have become clearer now though: I now have the time to update this properly. !

Without further ado:

  • Officially registered as as voice talent in Malaysia! Woo!
  • I’ve set up shop as a freelance voiceover/voice actor too! For those who need a voice for their product, I’m your man.
  • Season 1 of Tempered Fables is now done!  It’s been a great run this year, and I’ve learned a ton when it comes to making narrative podcasts. These are things I can take to the Grey Nautic Podcast once I do an overhaul on that.
  • Speaking of which, I’m doing an overhaul on Grey Nautic (again!). Stay tuned and watch out!
  • I’ve started building a YouTube channel, since I’m getting into video more often. Check it out here, it’s called ThatsTheNorm (a pun on my name)!

Other than that, I’m recuperating overseas, and will start working on more projects. These will be passives – Honestly, I’m really excited to start working on them now.

Let’s go!

July 2018

I did a major overhaul of this website! Some of the things include:

  • My newsletter has officially started! Weekly updates, latest writings, and fictional pieces sent right to your mailbox. E-mail is better for me.
  • Updated the texts on my About page, and my services.
  • Added a Best Works page, to get an idea of what I have published online.

I also updated the various pages on Grey Nautic!

  • I added a Hire Me page, did a theme change and added more posts in. More and more opportunities to write for others have kept me energized, and I appreciate it!

Podcast-wise, I became more active:

  • I did a live reading of my short story at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre! More and more people became interested in Tempered Fables, and with that came more chances to perform. So happy!
  • Booked a time to record a non-fiction podcast episode with a fellow Quoran! We’ll be talking about conformity in Asian cultures. I’ll add the link here once it’s up. It’ll be on the Grey Nautic Podcast
  • I am given the chance to talk about social enterprises in Kuching, Sarawak! Once I confirm the dates, I’ll lay it out in more detail here.

Let’s see how things will go for the time being.

Will update next time!