Why being poor is a good lesson for all of us

I envy dumpster divers, especially freegans. For those of you who don’t know, freegans collect their food and nourishment from discarded food (think of restaurants who have to throw all that lovely food at the end of each day). Essentially, they can live their lives from other people’s trash. In their bags (if they have one), you can find only the bare necessities. By definition, they are considered poor.

How does that phrase go?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

It’s a great phrase. It’s a good skill to recognise value in other people’s things as they are thrown away. For some, it can get annoying: thoughts of people wasting things all the time, finding items that can be reused.

But not everybody can recognise value of their own items, and by the time we do it may be too late. At any moment in our lives, we could lose the things we take for granted.

This is why being poor can be a good lesson: we start to notice the differences between our needs and wants. I’m not saying to give all your money away right now, but you can emulate a poor environment by limiting certain things. Question: What do you need to survive?

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