This is Norm.

About Me

Hi there, welcome to my 'business card'!

My name is Norman T. Chella, this is me in a nutshell:

I'm here to make aural impact: I interview people, build communities and create things. Ex-Head of Marketing at a Japanese FinTech company.

I'm the host of Podlovers Asia, RoamFM, AntiFool, Tempered Fables and other shows.

I am the Chief of Business Development at Renegade Radio, Malaysia's Premium Podcasting Network. We provide podcasting rainmaker services (production, marketing, consulting, coaching, speaking, etc.). I love it.

I coach high-performance students in memory and speed-reading techniques.

I'm a big believer of podcasting, knowledge work, polymathic thinking, and much more. I read far and wide. Mostly active on Twitter.

All my blogposts, shows, etc. can be found at ThatsTheNorm.

WHY: I discover and share wisdom from all sources so we can better understand the world and each other.
HOW: Regular self-introspection, asking questions to understand, and learning about a variety of fields.
WHAT: Podcasting, writing, consulting and coaching. I'm a digital marketer specialising in content and outreach.

Stay warm, stay lovely.

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