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Hi there, welcome to my 'business card'!My name is Norman T. Chella, this is me in a nutshell:I'm here to make aural impact: I interview people, build communities and create things. Ex-Head of Marketing at a Japanese FinTech company.I'm the host of Podlovers Asia, RoamFM, AntiFool, Tempered Fables and other shows.I am the Chief of Business Development at Renegade Radio, Malaysia's Premium Podcasting Network. We provide podcasting rainmaker services (production, marketing, consulting, coaching, speaking, etc.). I love it.I am the Podcast Librarian at Podchaser, Your Daily Source for Podcast Discovery. In charge of keeping up to date with credits, new podcasts, and building a relationship with every podcaster in the world. My role is to immortalise your work.I am a SuperLearner Certified Coach in memory and speed-reading techniques. I help high-performance autodidacts develop Memory Palaces, train their imagination and implement habits to train one's ability to remember everything.I am the Science Communications Director for the Planetary Health Lab, University of Edinburgh. My role is to translate the complexity of Planetary Health for the public, so we can be more informed about how to sustain the world in an environmentally friendly manner.I'm a big believer of podcasting, knowledge work, polymathic thinking, and much more. I read far and wide. Mostly active on Twitter.All my blogposts, shows, etc. can be found at ThatsTheNorm.WHY: I discover and share wisdom from all sources so we can better understand the world and each other.
HOW: Regular self-introspection, asking questions to understand, and learning about a variety of fields.
WHAT: Podcasting, writing, consulting and coaching. I'm a digital marketer specialising in content and outreach.
Stay warm, stay lovely.

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