I spread my writing across a number of different platforms. 

To easily keep track of what I have made, I’ve decided to compile all of them into one place.

As you know, I provide freelance writing services! At the moment, they focus on the following:

  • Content Writing (eg. Articles, Guides)
  • Copywriting (eg. Sales Pages, Landing Pages)
  • Speech writing
  • Writing for apps

Right now I’m focusing on writing for anything podcast-related, but I’m open to opportunities regardless!

Here’s what I have:

  • Norman’s Blog: This is my home. This is where I keep all of my thoughts and my creative endeavours. You can find my podcasts, creative works, and articles on many different topics.
  • Quora: Probably the social media platform I am most active on (outside of my own website of course!). Here, I answer questions with fictional stories, and help to educate others on culture and philanthropy.
  • Medium: I contribute to the Writing Cooperative as well as post about polymaths.
  • In February 2018, I co-authored an eBook introducing the curious beginners to blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. We wrote about the technology, its role in the contemporary world and how to participate in it as a beginner: all in simple terms. The purpose of it is to introduce to people who are interested but do not know where to start. Check it out! The Bitcoin Freshman


Here are some of my works!

Norman’s Blog



Writing Cooperative

Contact me using the button below if you want to work something out!